Bathroom talk: Why stigma hides a major health issue

Patient in virtual visit with healthcare provider; combatting digestive health stigma

Digestive health issues fly under the radar because people don’t volunteer to talk about it, and there aren’t good care options available. Yet proactive inquiry will reveal that people have a lot to say about their bathroom issues. 

30% of the workforce with GI issues is being left to suffer in isolation. GI conditions affect more than twice as many people as diabetes, and cost more than both heart disease and mental health. And no group is more anxious about returning to an office post-COVID. But they have not been offered better alternatives. 

Oshi Health presented an overview of its integrated virtual-first gastroenterology clinic with the Shortlister Community that works with consultants and employers to bring innovative benefits to their populations. 

Oshi Health is built to provide the guidance, support and high-touch care that people need — especially through the process of diagnosis, discovery, lifestyle changes to drive sustainable changes around each individuals’ unique triggers, needs, and preferences. 

We invite you to watch the recording and then let’s talk about digestive health, and have a profound impact on individual lives and our workforces as a whole.

We discuss: 
• Why GI conditions are shockingly prevalent with significant direct, indirect and hidden costs
• How to discover the magnitude of your population that suffers in silence today
• The physical and psychological gut-brain connection with IBS, IBD and GERD symptoms and flares
• The clinical effectiveness of CBT, mindfulness and dietary interventions

Watch the 30 minute recording: 

Let's talk about your population's digestive health

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