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We take the time to get to know you with appointments that never feel rushed. During your initial 45-minute virtual visit, we’ll discuss your symptoms, medical history, and care goals—and help you reach a clear diagnosis quickly!

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Our GI providers, registered dietitians, and gut-brain specialists collaborate to improve your digestive health — with personalized dietary guidance, stress reduction tools, and more.

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We go at your pace, providing you with unlimited virtual visits and as much support as you need to gain and maintain symptom control. With appointments available right away, including evenings and weekends, we’re here for you when you need us!

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Clinically-proven results


of patients find relief in
10 weeks or less


of undiagnosed patients
get a clear diagnosis
within 3 months


decrease in unnecessary
procedures and tests

Source: Results of a clinical trial conducted in partnership with a national health plan

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Source: Average customer satisfaction score (CSAT) from 6,000+ visits

Recent reviews

“I FINALLY found a health care professional who explained to me why I’m experiencing these symptoms, in addition to concrete steps I can take to address them!! Plus, I love the comprehensive,  holistic and wrap-around care I am receiving.”

— S.M., treated for IBS

“Quick, easy, and convenient — not having to leave the house for a visit is especially helpful because of the symptoms I experience!”

— K.W., treated for abdominal pain

“I feel heard and like I’m on the correct treatment path. The provider gave clear explanations with enough time to answer all my questions. So much better than standard care — thank you”

— M.S., treated for unexplained symptoms

“Sarah O’Rourke was amazing. She listened to everything I had to say and looked at all the results from tests. She offered great advice to get me moving in the right direction. So grateful to be myself and discuss these not so easy subjects.”

— B.P., treated for nausea and constipation

“It was amazing to finally see a healthcare provider that listened and came up with real solutions to issues I have been having for years! Time will tell if this really is “the solution” but I haven’t felt this positive and hopeful after a doctor’s visit since, well, probably ever.”

— M.M., treated for GERD

“The doctor was really nice and knowledgeable. It was nice to be able to do my appointment without having to leave home and still feel like I received a good quality of care.”

— M.B., treated for stomach pain

“I spent an overnight in the ER and the next availability wasn’t until two weeks out with local practices. I found Oshi on a Friday and got a consultation that Saturday morning. The team provided me with a course of action that has me feeling better. ”

— M.S., treated for gastritis and ulcers

“It was a really nice visit with my care provider. I am very curious to see how the ordered blood work and other tests support my digestive care.”

— M.W., treated for gas

“I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be discussing my UC with a new doctor. But I was immediately put at ease and even learned something new — I was surprised since I have lived with this condition for 15 years. I really enjoyed my visit!”

— D.G., treated for ulcerative colitis

“No one poked me, jabbed me, scoped me, or gave me any hard core medication. It was the cheapest, simplest solution and it has changed my life.”

— R.S., treated for abdominal pain and unexplained symptoms
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