Looking for GI care? Here’s how to choose the best GI provider for you.

If you’re living with GI issues, it may feel overwhelming to determine how to choose a GI provider that can provide you with the personalized, clinically-proven care you need to manage your symptoms. To help choose a GI provider that best meets your needs, consider these 6 “C’s” below:

1. Condition

Does the provider work frequently with individuals who have similar GI symptoms or conditions? If so, it means they have the knowledge to make an accurate diagnosis and care plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

2. Credentials

A provider’s academic and professional credentials are important. But remember to go a step further and assess the provider’s experience, reputation, and any specialized training relevant to your condition. A well-rounded understanding of their expertise is vital for making the right decision.

3. Communication

Do you feel the provider listens to your concerns and not only understands your symptoms, but “gets” what you are going through? Being heard, understood, and supported can greatly enhance your treatment experience.

4. Collaboration

Digestive issues are often complex, involving physical and emotional health aspects. It’s important to find a GI provider who is willing to work alongside licensed gut-brain specialists and GI-dedicated registered dietitians. By harnessing the collective knowledge and skills of these professionals, you will benefit from a whole-person treatment approach customized to your needs. 

5. Convenience

Is it easy to get an appointment or do you have to wait days, weeks, or even months to get an appointment? If you have a time-sensitive issue, can you talk to someone quickly who can guide you on what to do next? Consider the convenience of being able to speak to expert GI providers online — without having to drive to an office or sit in a waiting room — especially if it’s hard to leave the house when your symptoms are flaring.

6. Cost

Are costs in line with the type of personalized care and treatment being offered? Additionally, consider factors such as insurance coverage and potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Oshi Health brings you online access to a team of expert, GI-specialized  doctors, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and licensed gut-brain specialists — all working together for you. With appointment flexibility, including evening and weekend availability, you can be seen quickly by a GI provider and start finding relief. 

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