Research Shows Reduced Emergency Department Utilization from Patients Accessing Oshi Health Virtual Multidisciplinary GI Care

Findings Presented at American Public Health Association (APHA 2023) Annual Meeting Demonstrate Public Health Impact of Accessible Preventive Digestive Care

NEW YORK  – November 29, 2023 – Research findings showing reduced emergency department (ED) utilization in patients enrolled in Oshi Health’s virtual multidisciplinary GI care were presented earlier this month at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Annual Meeting, demonstrating the impact of preventive, high-touch, value-based care for conditions that affect one in four Americans. 

Gastrointestinal (GI) complaints are the leading cause of treat-and-release ED visits,1 reflecting significant patient distress that does not require hospitalization. As hospital emergency departments nationwide face capacity shortages, the impact of unmanaged GI symptoms becomes a matter of public health access and equity – and highlights a significant opportunity to control avoidable costs. 

Virtual-first care providers like Oshi Health, the leading virtual digestive health center of excellence, present an opportunity to better support patients with complex care needs. Oshi provides rapid access to GI care for patients, delivering high-touch, multidisciplinary care and telehealth appointments with GI-specialized physicians, dietitians, psychologists, health coaches, and care coordinators – all working together to help patients achieve lasting symptom resolution and control. 

A prospective study conducted in partnership with a national health plan in a commercially insured population evaluated the impact of Oshi Health’s multidisciplinary telehealth program found statistically significant results: 

  • At 3 months, only 5% of enrolled patients had a GI-related ED visit, compared to 17% of non-enrolled patients (a 72% improvement, p<0.0001)
  • At 6 months, only 8% of enrolled patients had a GI-related ED visit, compared to 21% of non-enrolled patients (a 64% improvement, p<0.0001) 

“GI complaints are the leading cause of treat-and-release emergency room visits – ER visits that do not result in a hospitalization, reflecting a significant unmet need for rapid access to GI care. Gastroenterology practices are overwhelmed and this research demonstrates the benefits of Oshi’s hybrid approach to complex subspecialty care,” said Sameer K. Berry, MD, MBA, study co-author and Oshi’s chief medical officer. Oshi Health is the only virtual GI practice with support from the two leading GI societies and renowned GI researchers. “We are committed to rigorous clinical evaluation and working with our research team to continuously pressure test assumptions while using Oshi’s structured data infrastructure to measure and improve care, research is in our DNA.” 

Oshi Health continues to study the impact of its model on patient outcomes, patient experience, and avoidable utilization. In addition to the abstract presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, two additional research studies were presented in October on patient outcomes and the impact of Oshi’s model on physician burnout.

About Oshi Health 

Oshi Health is a completely redesigned digestive health care experience that transforms access to care, the patient experience, clinical outcomes and healthcare economics. In a high-touch virtual care delivery model, Oshi Health provides diagnosis and integrated care for digestive conditions and empowers people to achieve lasting control of their symptoms. Launched in 2020, Oshi Health works with innovative employers, health insurance partners, health systems and community GI practices to scale access to multidisciplinary care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the lives of millions of Americans with chronic gastrointestinal diseases. For more information, visit

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