Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey Partners with Oshi Health to Pioneer Hybrid Virtual & In-Person Care for Exemplary Digestive Health Outcomes

Premier independent GI group taps leading virtual multidisciplinary care delivery partner to enhance patient experience, improve adherence and return visits, and source new referrals

NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY — October 4, 2023 — Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ) and Oshi Health today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership demonstrating the power and potential of innovative hybrid models for multidisciplinary digestive care. 

Through this agreement, GANJ and Oshi will work together to provide patients with cutting-edge, proven – yet rarely delivered – multidisciplinary care that includes in-person GI appointments and procedures, coupled with 24×7 on-demand care between in-person visits; and access to GI-trained registered dietitians, licensed psychologists, social workers, health coaches, and advanced practice providers – all overseen by a team of gastroenterologists. 

“We aim to build a virtuous cycle between in-person and virtual GI care that results in an enhanced level of continuous care for our patients and helps elevate our own business,” said Dr. George N. Pavlou, gastroenterologist and President & CEO of GANJ. “By adding proven elements of care that are not possible through our brick-and-mortar practice, we can increase availability for new patients, free up additional time for our doctors to do endoscopy, reduce practice overhead and patient leakage, and increase patient retention – all while adding new referrals through Oshi.” 

GANJ is one of the nation’s leading independent and growing GI groups, with 38 gastroenterologists including 4 advanced practice providers serving the greater New Jersey area. Known for exemplary patient care and operational excellence, GANJ has been delivering value-based care with multiple health plans for more than a decade and has a long tradition of partnering for value-added relationships to improve patient care. 

“GANJ is a leading provider of high-quality, patient centered digestive care in New Jersey, and we are excited to help them optimize their care through advanced data analytics, in-between visit support, and access to multidisciplinary care,” said Dr. Sameer Berry, Chief Medical Officer at Oshi Health. “We built Oshi Health to fill care delivery gaps in traditional digestive care and working with GANJ will further demonstrate the potential to drive outcomes and reduce avoidable cost when patients receive the best of virtual and in-person care.”


Digestive health issues cover a wide-ranging set of symptoms and conditions that affect 1 in 4 working age adults in America and incur higher direct healthcare costs than heart disease and mental health. Its actual impact is far greater as millions more go undiagnosed, and indirect costs such as reduced workplace productivity are difficult to measure. 

Evidence demonstrates that dietary changes, psychological interventions, and behavioral health support are needed to mitigate symptoms for many digestive health sufferers and are best able to give patients back control of their lives. A recent clinical trial testing whole-person, multidisciplinary care showed that patients reported 98% satisfaction with the Oshi Health program, 89% improvement in quality of life, and 92% reported symptom improvement within the first 10 weeks of treatment. Patients also reported 1.3 fewer missed workdays per month and demonstrated lower healthcare utilization including a 64% reduction in GI-related emergency department visits. 

Oshi Health’s integrated care model can be coupled with local GI practices to provide effective relief through evidence-based, whole-person, high-touch integrated care. Through telehealth visits with specialized providers, a patient’s care plan is continuously informed and refined through proactive monitoring of patient symptoms, food intake, and bowel movement patterns, and a care team that provides ongoing messaging and support to make sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Oshi Health’s approach helps people significantly improve their conditions, from diagnosis to individualized treatment. In partnership with GANJ, this program can reinforce care plan adherence, supplement in-person interactions, provide on-demand care support, and provide early intervention for symptom flares. 

About GANJ

Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ) is an integrated group practice with a team of highly skilled gastroenterologists. Formed in 2009 with 9 physicians, the group has grown organically to include 38 gastroenterologists, with offices in 25 locations in 4 counties across New Jersey. As an independent practice, GANJ has been able to forge strong relationships with local hospitals and all of the major payors including Medicare and Medicaid to deliver high quality and value care to its patients. Visit  

About Oshi Health 

Oshi Health is a completely redesigned digestive health care experience that transforms access to care, the patient experience, clinical outcomes and healthcare economics. In a high-touch virtual care delivery model, Oshi Health provides diagnosis and integrated care for digestive conditions and empowers people to achieve lasting control of their symptoms. Launched in 2020, Oshi Health works with innovative employers, health insurance partners, health systems and community GI practices to scale access to multidisciplinary care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the lives of millions of Americans with chronic gastrointestinal diseases. For more information, visit


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