Integrated, coordinated care

Oshi Health surrounds your patient with a team of GI-specialized clinicians including registered dietitians, licensed psychologists, social workers, and health coaches – all overseen by a board-certified gastroenterologist and supported by our care coordinators to supplement your existing care and help your patients find relief.

Evidence-based care model

Oshi takes pride in our approach to clinical rigor. Our clinicians all bring prior experience in gastroenterology, and undergo an intensive onboarding process before seeing patients. Our clinical care follows societal guidelines from the ACG/AGA/AASLD/ROME and the most updated clinical evidence, supported by advanced data analytics and purpose-built technology to achieve symptom control and disease remission.

We’re seeking high-quality local GI partners

When our members need procedures, we coordinate care with high-quality local GI partners. Let’s talk about how a partnership can work for your practice.

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Our outcomes


patient satisfaction


achieve symptom control in 4 months or less