The “sick care” approach to digestive health isn’t working. We can do better.

Oshi started by creating the leading self-management and tracking app for people living with IBD. We successfully acquired and engaged over 60,000 users, and what we heard consistently from them surprised us.

Our users revealed to us that traditional health care wasn’t satisfying their unique needs or helping them gain control over their GI condition. Care was too hard to access, too infrequent and too impersonal to support patients. Many users felt alone in their struggle or were left bouncing between multiple care providers without resolution or support.

After countless hours of user interviews and in-depth research, we confirmed what our users already knew: traditional GI care was broken. And Oshi had to think bigger to effect changes in the GI community.

Now, Oshi is reinventing GI care through a virtual clinic model that combines the best of human and data-driven care. We’ll diagnose, manage and treat GI conditions for patients by delivering more frequent, convenient, accessible and personalized care experiences with great outcomes at a controlled cost. Because that’s the way it should have been from the start.

Traditional GI care is not working, but we can fix it.

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The Oshi Team is growing! We’re building our clinical and digital platform teams, and expanding our Patient Advisory Board..

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  • Clinical Team

    We’re looking for innovative physicians, registered nurses, internists, nurse practitioners, dietitians and psychologists with GI experience to help us revolutionize digestive healthcare.

  • Corporate Team

    If you're passionate about GI care, we want to hear from you! We’re hiring qualified individuals to help us expand. Dream role not listed? Reach out anyway!

  • People with GI Health Conditions

    Our Patient Advisory Board is expanding! We’re seeking individuals who are passionate about sharing their experiences, and want to help shape and inform our product.