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How Oshi Health and Wichita Falls GI work together for you


What is Oshi Health? Is it part of Wichita Falls Gastroenterology Associates?

Oshi Health is a virtual digestive health clinic that provides personalized, integrated care to people living with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, GERD, and symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and more. Through a partnership with Wichita Falls, you have access to unlimited visits with Oshi Health dietitians and behavioral health providers, as well as additional GI provider support between your in-person visits at Wichita Falls Gastroenterology.

I’m already working with a Wichita Falls GI doctor. What additional support can Oshi Health provide me?

Oshi Health can serve as an extension of your existing GI care. When you sign up, you can get access to additional personalized dietary guidance and gut-brain therapies with Oshi Health to help you manage your symptoms. With appointments available within 2 days, you can also get support from Oshi Health GI providers (nurse practitioners and physician associates) between visits with your Wichita Falls doctor. Your Oshi Health and Wichita Falls providers will collaborate closely to ensure your care is coordinated.

How does Oshi Health work?

Our evidence-based digestive care helps members manage their digestive symptoms through ongoing access to a dedicated GI care team, continuing to work to find and treat the root cause. Through our mobile app, you can meet with your care team from the comfort of home, chat message 24/7, schedule appointments on-demand, and access your personalized care plan — all in one convenient place.

How much does Oshi Health cost?

Oshi Health is a covered benefit for Aetna® and UnitedHealthcare members, and can cost as little as $0. Our GI care services will be billed through your insurance, and any copay or deductible will depend on the specifics of your plan. To get a tailored cost estimate based on your plan details, click here to provide your member info.

If you have any out-of-pocket costs, Oshi Health can work with you to create a flexible payment plan as needed. And just like other clinical practices, Oshi Health GI care services are HSA eligible.

Unlimited dietary and behavioral health support

Following your GI provider visit, you’ll get access to unlimited visits with our GI Registered Dietitians and GI Behavioral Health providers to get to the root cause of your digestive symptoms.

Johanna, Pennsylvania

The added support from a nutritionist and GI therapist has helped me live with Crohn’s disease, but not have the disease control me.”


of Oshi Health members gain control over their GI symptoms within 10 weeks.


of members report they’re satisfied with the care they receive from Oshi Health.

Hybrid digestive support that helps you get better and stay better

Personalized care for common conditions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Crohn’s Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Other digestive issues
Other Common Digestive Issues
William, Florida

I’m doing so much better than when I was seeing only one doctor. Mind, gut, and nutrition are all interlinked, and it’s been so helpful to attack my gut problems with a three-pronged approach.”

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