Meet Richard

Living with IBS-D

Oshi has changed my life. The integrated care helped me feel better and be so much more present in my family’s lives.

Before Oshi Health

Frequent diarrhea, urgency, and living bathroom-trip-to-bathroom-trip caused fear of leaving the house.

Our care and member outcome

Identified dietary and behavioral symptom triggers. Felt 90% better within 3 months of starting care. Now reports normal bowel movements and living worry-free.

  • 20+ daily bathroom trips
  • First Oshi Health provider visit
  • Dietary and behavioral health support over 12 visits
  • 1 daily bathroom tripLasting symptom relief

Meet Johanna

Living with Crohn’s disease

I learned more about my Crohn’s disease and felt empowered that the extra support will get it under control.

Before Oshi Health

Our care and member outcome

  • Managing Crohn’s disease
  • Not feeling well, struggling to go to work
  • 2 GI Behavioral Health visits addressed nausea and vomiting
  • Expanded diet with GI Registered Dietitian support over 2 visits
  • Within 3 weeks, symptoms partially resolved
  • Full symptom resolution within a monthRegained energy and sense of humor

Meet Brenda

Living with IBS with visceral hypersensitivity

I highly recommend Oshi Health! Convenient, reliable and compassionate only begin to describe my team. I am thankful for them all!

Before Oshi Health

Our care and member outcome

  • Unable to eat without pain, lost weight
  • Fear of leaving the house
  • Gut-directed behavioral health therapies addressed cramping
  • Reintroduced foods with GI Registered Dietitian support
  • Able to eat varied diet, travel
  • Pain-free for the first time in 15 years

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