Meet Richard

Previously undiagnosed

Oshi has changed my life and the way I see healthcare.

Before anyone did anything, they just talked to me and actually listened. I felt like I was heard. It finally feels like someone is fighting for me. Oshi took me miles from where I was when I started.

Before Oshi Health

Frequent diarrhea, urgency, and living bathroom-trip-to-bathroom-trip caused fear of leaving the house.

Our care and member outcome

Diagnosed with IBS-D with bile acid malabsorption and behavioral symptom triggers. Felt 90% better within 3 months of starting care. Now reports normal bowel movements and living worry-free.

  • 20+ daily bathroom tripsMultiple GI provider visitsNo diagnosis
  • First GI provider visitDiagnosed with IBS-D
  • Dietary and behavioral health support over 12 visits
  • 1 daily bathroom tripLasting symptom relief

Meet Johanna

Previously diagnosed without symptom resolution

I felt empowered that I will get my disease under control.

It was the most time I have ever talked with any healthcare provider. I felt listened to and learned more about my disease than I have in 20 years.

Before Oshi Health

Our care and member outcome

  • Managing Crohn’s diseaseUncontrolled symptoms, despite normal labs and colonoscopy
  • Not getting answersStruggling to go to work
  • 2 GI Behavioral Health visits addressed nausea and vomiting
  • Expanded diet with GI RegisteredDietitian support over 2 visits
  • Within 3 weeks, symptoms partially resolved
  • Full symptom resolution within a monthRegained energy and sense of humor

Meet Brenda

Previously misdiagnosed

After over 15 years of suffering, I FINALLY have an answer and a plan.

I highly recommend Oshi Health to anyone who has lost hope! Convenient, reliable and compassionate only begin to describe my healthcare team. I am thankful for them all!

Before Oshi Health

Our care and member outcome

  • Misdiagnosed with salmonellaVisited nearly 20 doctors of all specialties
  • Unable to eat without pain, lost weightFear of leaving the house
  • Diagnosed with IBS with visceral hypersensitivity
  • Gut-directed behavioral health therapies addressed cramping
  • Reintroduced foods with GI Registered Dietitian support
  • Pain-free for the first time in 15 yearsAble to eat varied diet, travel

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