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Expert IBD Care
Expert IBS Care

Work with your team of GI experts that will help you find relief from symptoms of IBS, from diagnosis through ongoing support.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief
People First Approach

We take the time to understand your medical history and lifestyle, to identify the root cause of your IBS symptoms.

IBS Symptom Prescription Treatments
Your Support Coach

GI Health Coaches make sure members are never alone and help to implement an IBS care plan and answer questions.

Expert GI Care for IBS Symptoms
Ongoing Care

Connect and chat with your dedicated IBS care team available through our easy to use app.

prescription treatments for IBS Symptoms
Comprehensive IBS Care Plan

From physician-visits, ordering prescriptions and labs, to supporting lifestyle changes, we’ve got your IBS covered.

Convenient Appointments for IBS Symptoms Through our Easy to use App
Convenient Appointments

We understand when it comes to symptoms of IBS, so we make it easy to schedule appointments.

Our Whole-Person Approach

As a member, you’ll work with an integrated team that will help you find relief from your symptoms of IBS, from initial diagnosis to ongoing care. Through a personalized, whole-person approach, your IBS care team can identify the root cause of your bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain or other symptoms of IBS. Our GI’s can prescribe medication and other clinical interventions as well as help members implement changes in diet, sleep and stress. How Oshi Works.

Get Care for Your Digestive Health Conditions

Our team of experts support patients who are experiencing symptoms of IBS as well as other condition symptoms across the digestive health spectrum. We work to understand your medical history and order a comprehensive workup (including labs, imaging, and procedures when necessary) to identify a correct diagnosis and address the root cause of symptoms. Whether you are looking for an initial diagnosis or have been experiencing symptoms of IBS including bloating, diarrhea and constipation for years, we can help. We are here for members with or without an IBS diagnosis. Some of the other diagnoses we cover include (but not limited to):

Take Control of Your IBS Symptoms And Become An Oshi Health Member Today!

Oshi is currently available in Florida and Pennsylvania and will be expanding to additional states soon.
  • Fast and convenient virtual appointments with GI Nurse Practitioners & Gastroenterologists
  • Access to Registered Dietitians and Psychologists
  • In-app messaging with care team
  • Personalized IBS care plan and educational content
  • GI Health Coaches to support your journey
  • Access to a Care Coordinator to navigate care with Oshi Health as well as external providers

*Monthly fee covers Oshi Heath membership (including a dedicated GI Health Coach, Coordinator, and educational content), there is an additional cost for appointments with an NP, Gastroenterologist, Dietitian, or Psychologist. Cost per visit may be covered by your insurance or the cash rate of $20 per visit. Join Today. We treat Symptoms of IBS as well as many other GI conditions.

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Real Life Success Stories

Here’s what real members have to say about our services.

IBS Symptoms

“ The Health Coach and Dietitian have been very consistent in their care for me. The level of personalization has been a pleasant surprise.”

- Austin, Scottsdale, AZ
IBS Symptom relief

“ The RD explained exactly what happens in your digestive system when you have IBS symptoms. After all these years, I finally understand what’s happening.”

- Rachel, Miami, FL
IBS Symptom Story 3

“ I feel better than I have in a while…I feel like I’m armed with more knowledge and I have a clear path.”

- Nick, Columbus, OH

How We Are Different

The experience goes above and beyond your typical gastroenterology practice

Oshi Health Typical GI Practices
Short Appointment Wait Times Unlikely
Messaging with care team
Nutrition & Mental Health Support Unlikely
Personalized digital content & support
Care Coordination for referrals
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