Feeling bloated? Try these 5 expert-backed tips for relief.

Bloating is an uncomfortable yet common digestive symptom, and can cause abdominal pain, pressure, and tenderness. Whether you experience occasional bloating after meals or more consistent pressure, here are 5 strategies to try to ease the discomfort:

1. Heat

Applying a heating pad or hot water bottle to your sore abdomen can provide short-term relief.

2. Movement

While you might not feel like hitting the gym, just walking and moving your body during your daily routine can stimulate the GI tract and improve bowel function. 

3. Medicine

The over-the-counter remedy simethicone (i.e., Gas-X), a non-prescription gas-remedy drug can relieve the pain of bloating and fullness.

4. De-stress

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice, and belly breathing can help reduce worry and anxiety, and decreasing stress may help with symptoms or pain, even long-term. 

5. Talk to your GI provider

Your GI provider can help you get to the root cause of your bloating and provide personalized strategies to address it.

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