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Colonoscopy screening may not be as effective as previously thought, but still saves lives

October 28, 2022 Though the benefits of colonoscopies have come into question recently, gastroenterologists maintain that they are still the best tool we have, not only to detect and prevent colorectal cancer, but to diagnose other intestinal diseases as well.

The future of digestive health demands a team approach

April 21, 2022
As the popular saying goes, the most direct way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

8 Best prebiotic foods that support gut health

October 5, 2022 You’ve probably heard about eating more probiotics, the live microorganisms that keep your gut health in check, but have you heard about eating more prebiotics, the food for those microorganisms?

Scope Forward: Sam Holliday on redesigning GI care and why gastroenterology groups want to partner

Fresh off the heels of announcing $23 million in Series A funding, Sam Holliday speaks with Praveen Suthrum of NextServices for his podcast The Scope Forward Show.

Episode 25: Digestive Health: Oshi Health’s clinical, whole-person view

Sam Holliday, Chantell Sell and Steve Blumenfield discuss Oshi Health, an end-to-end clinic-based care model that treats the whole person in a cost-effective way that serves employees, employers, and boosts overall health and productivity.
Crains 2022 Notable Health Care Leaders

Meet the 2022 notable health care leaders

August 22, 2022 The 86 professionals named as this year’s Notable Health Care Leaders are recognized for their consummate leadership, pioneering accomplishments and ability to adjust to crises.

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