3 mindfulness tips to keep your gut calm during the holiday season

The end of the year brings festive cheer — but also a hustle and bustle that can raise stress levels, and GI symptoms. Between family gatherings, celebrations, vacations, school breaks and more, you can practice mindfulness-based skills and other tools to activate your body’s “rest and digest” state. Even just finding a few minutes a

4 reasons why you should work with a GI Behavioral Health provider

Have you ever felt a “pit in your stomach” when receiving unexpected news or experienced “butterflies” before a work presentation? If so, you’re feeling the impact of the gut-brain connection. You might not know it, but your brain and your gut are in constant communication with each other – and scientists are beginning to understand

Did you know your gut has a GPS?

If you’ve ever “trusted your gut,” then you may be on to something. Our minds and our guts are directly connected – a link that evolved from ancient times, when humans needed gut instinct to track and locate food without getting into danger. Scientists continue to learn more about the gut-brain connection, including how the

9 stress relief tips

When you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), stress can feel overwhelming, especially during a flare. Here are 9 tips to keep it in check.

How ulcerative colitis affects your body

Read about how ulcerative colitis can affect more than just your GI system, including joints, liver, mental health, and more.

3 strategies to control stress

Trying to apply strategies to control stress in real life is definitely not as easy as it sounds. One IBD patient shares her tips.

Depression, anger, and denial: The emotional toll of my diagnosis

This first-hand account of the emotional toll of chronic illness like Crohn's disease shows the journey from depression and anger to coping and acceptance.

5 actionable ways to stress less

These five stress management tips from people with inflammatory bowel disease can help you reduce stress with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Is it anxiety or stress? How to tell the difference

Because stress and anxiety are not the same, dealing with them can require different tactics. Start by knowing how to tell them apart.

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