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During this 10-week program, you’ll work closely with a Registered Dietitian & Health Coach to identify your unique food & lifestyle symptom triggers. You’ll then receive a custom care plan that focuses on food & lifestyle changes to support your whole health–mind, body and gut. Your Care Team will provide you with individualized health support and guidance to help you execute on your unique care plan. Take the eligibility survey today and experience Oshi’s supportive and patient-centric approach to digestive health care! The best part? It’s available 100% at no-cost to you!

  • Personalized Support

    Individualized food, lifestyle & health behavior support and guidance from Oshi’s Registered Dietitian and Health Coach.

  • Convenient Care

    Video or Voice appointments with your Care Team – plus, quick troubleshooting and response times from our Care Team.

  • Free RD Access

    Work with a Registered Dietitian who understands your specific digestive health issues, preferences and lifestyle habits.

  • Expert Coaching & Guidance

    One-on-one support from a Health Coach who understands your unique health goals

What To Expect

Throughout this 10-week program, your Registered Dietitian, Health Coach and Care Coordinator will give you the support and expert guidance you need every step of the way.

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  • Pre-Visit Prep
    1. Complete Oshi Health’s eligibility survey.
    2. Log your symptoms and diet for 3 days prior to your first consultation
  • Health Consultation

    Video Chat with one of our Registered Dietitians about your digestive symptoms, health history and lifestyle preferences to see if our program is right for you

  • Receive Your Personalized Care Plan

    You’ll get a unique symptom management care plan that’s specifically tailored to your health goals and lifestyle preferences

  • Execute Your Care Plan with Expert Support & Guidance

    Work closely with your Registered Dietitian and Health Coach to figure out what foods and lifestyle habits might be triggering your symptoms

  • Complete the Program!

    Move at your own pace throughout the program to find what works with your body!

Real Life Success Stories

Here’s what real Oshi users have to say about our health services:

  • IBS Symptoms

    “The Health Coach and Dietitian have been very consistent in their care for me. The level of personalization has been a pleasant surprise.”

    — Austin, Scottsdale, AZ
  • IBS Symptom relief

    “The RD explained exactly what happens in your digestive system when you have IBS. After all these years, I finally understand what’s happening.”

    — Rachel, Miami, FL
  • IBS Symptom Story 3

    “I feel better than I have in a while…I feel like I’m armed with more knowledge and I have a clear path.”

    — Nick, Columbus, OH

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