By The Oshi Health Team

We’ve heard from many people suffering from chronic gastrointestinal conditions, and we have listened. Here at Oshi Health, Inc. we understand the importance of holistic and personalized approaches in chronic care management, especially in GI care. Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and diet not only impact your overall Quality of Life, but evidence suggests they can also significantly impact your gut-health.

Specifically, we know that adopting specific condition-related diet plans can be tedious and overwhelming; life gets in the way, time is sparse, and most diet recommendations feel generic and impersonal, forgetting to take into account the context of your condition.

But, managing your GI symptoms and your diet doesn’t have to be a burden.

Through our Virtual GI Symptom Management Pilot Program, we are interested in learning more about how Oshi Health can provide symptom management support to people with chronic GI conditions. Specifically, we want to understand how Registered Dietitians and Health Coaches can work with individuals to successfully identify personal diet-related symptom triggers.

Interested in participating in our Pilot Program? Complete the initial eligibility survey, and we’ll reach out to you if you qualify!

Who Can Participate in the Program?

People who have been clinically diagnosed with the following conditions may be qualified to participate in our program*:

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

*You’ll need to complete an initial eligibility survey first. If you pass through the initial screening, we’ll contact you and get you connected with our Registered Dietitian for a first round of screening!

What Will Participation Entail?

• Participants will be asked to commit to a 5-week elimination reintroduction and evaluation diet plan in which they will work virtually with a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach to find possible dietary triggers that might be worsening condition-related symptoms.
• Participants will be asked to keep a daily food and symptom log, along with a goal journal during the duration of the program.
• 3 virtual sessions with a Registered Dietitian (30–45 minutes per session)
• 2 virtual health-coaching sessions (30 minutes per session)
• 3 virtual program feedback sessions with our UX design team* (45 minutes–1 hour per session)
• Unlimited text/chat with your Health Coach during the work week (Monday–Friday)
• Participants will be expected to complete feedback surveys and will be asked to provide testimonials as participants in the pilot program.

Personal Health Information and Privacy

Participants will be compensated for providing feedback pertaining to the program, however, individuals will not be compensated for participating in the overall pilot program. Compensation will be contingent upon completing feedback sessions and/or surveys.

Please keep in mind that Oshi Health, Inc. is not a medical clinic at this time and will NOT be providing any professional medical advice during the duration of the program.

Your privacy is our promise. Oshi Health, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of all members in our community. We uphold ourselves to practicing extreme care and caution when dealing with personal health information.

Any personal health information that is shared with the Registered Dietitian and Health Coach during the course of this program will be confidential and WILL NOT be shared externally.

To participate in the Oshi Health, Inc. Virtual GI Symptom Management Pilot Program, however, you will need to sign patient-release forms that allow us to share any and all insights that you provide to us during our program feedback sessions. Additionally, by being a part of the program, you will be asked to sign an agreement that will allow us to share any testimonials during this time for external marketing and commercial purposes.

Interested in participating in our Pilot Program? Complete the initial eligibility survey, and we’ll reach out to you if you qualify! Questions and/or concerns? Contact us at: